6 Best Online Linux Bash Editors

If you have been following our posts, we published an article that lists the best online terminal platforms for learning how to work with the Linux not too long ago.

I hear you ask “how are online Linux terminals different from online Bash editors?” – well, for starters, bash editors are the best apps to use for creating and executing bash scripts and some online terminals don’t even allow you to work with local files and save data.

If you want to go beyond the beginner-level scripting then a bash editor is what you need and below is our list of the best online platforms you can use right from your browser.

1. ShellCheck

ShellCheck is an efficient script analysis tool. It is written in Haskel, open-source, available on GitHub, and package ready for virtually any Linux distro.

Shellcheck Bash Editor

2. Learn Shell

Learn Shell offers free interactive programming tutorials. It breaks down the learning process into sections and you can also join its group on Facebook to post questions and engage in productive discussions.

Learn Shell Online

3. Bash Compiler on Tutorials Point

As mentioned in our article on online Linux terminals , Tutorials Point is popular learning platform with series of awesome educational content and coding playgrounds for free so you can trust it to feature an online compiler for bash scripts.

Run Bash Shell Online

4. Paiza

Paiza is an online platform that provides its users with coding environments for different programming languages. It features a customizable editor, support for GitHub integration, real-time collaboration, and task scheduling, among other functions.

Paiza Online Bash Editor

5. JDoodle

JDoodle is among the coolest online bash editors you will ever find and it offers a quick and easy way to compile and run bash scripts.

  Terminus – A Cross-Platform Modern and Configurable Terminal

using it, you can save projects, change the UI theme, collaborate with other users, and embed the playground in a blog or website, among other options.

Jdoodle Online Bash Shell

6. Rex Tester

Rex Tester is a straight-to-the-point online coding playground for different programming languages including bash. You can save your projects, customize the working editor, and collaborate with other users, among other functions.

Rextester Run Bash Online

That rounds up our list and I’m sure you have found at least one that you can work with.

Which other online bash editors do you know? Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section below.

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