8 Best Online Linux Terminals and Distributions

This article focuses on those interested in learning how to use the Linux terminal without necessarily having a Linux machine they can use at their convenience. You can use them to not only practice Linux commands but to also test scripts, analyze compilation time, etc.

Without further ado, here’s our compilation:

1. Tutorials Point Coding Ground

Tutorials Point is a website that allows users to develop different programming skills and conventions free of charge and it offers online coding environments and IDEs for its featured technologies.

It has a customizable online terminal that allows you to change the theme, font size, use Git, and save your progress among other functions.

Run Bash Shell Online

2. Webminal

Webminal  is a platform that allows you to learn how to use the Linux terminal using the inbuilt lessons that it displays in the same working directory you will be using to execute Linux commands.

You will need to have an account to use it but the account and every other feature that Webminal offers (like working with teams), is free.

Webminal Online Linux Terminal

3. JSLinux

JSLinux is an advanced JavaScript program that allows you to run Linux or any other (supported) OS in your browser.

For a Linux OS, you have the option to build a command line or GUI-based system. Since it is the Linux terminal that you want to use, you should pick the command line-based option.

  6 Best Online Linux Bash Editors

JSLinux users need to create an account so that they can save their progress and upload files.

JSLinux Run Online Linux Distribution

4. CodeAnywhere

We have written on CodeAnywhere before . It is a beautiful online platform that provides its users with cross-platform IDEs built into virtual containers which you can access directly in your browser and via SSH.

You need to create an account to use it and the free option plan should be enough to get your learning started.

CodeAnyWhere Online Linux Terminal

5. Copy.sh

Copy.sh is an efficient online Linux terminal with the ability to emulate other OSes including FreeDOS, Solar OS, Windows 98, and Windows 1.01.

When you first load the emulator, you have the option to choose your desired OS and customize it to suit your requirements.

Copy.sh Online Linux Distribution

6. JS/UX

JS/UX is another product of the awesome JavaScript programming language without using a single plugin. It features a shell, virtual machine and file system, process management, and a built0in terminal with both screen and keyboard mapping.

If you choose to use JS/UX, be sure to go through the manual before diving in.

JS/UIX Online Linux Terminal

7. Linux Containers

Linux Containers is a project sponsored by Canonical and its goal is to provide a distro and vendor-neutral environment for the development of container technologies. If you are familiar with LXC, LXD, and LXCFS, they exist thanks to the linuxcontainers.org project.

  Terminus – A Cross-Platform Modern and Configurable Terminal

Using Linux Containers will allow you to emulate a server for as long as 30 minutes with a dedicated memory of 256MB. Using the demo server comes with a few other restrictions which you can read on the demo page.

Linux Container Online Linux Distribution

8. CB.VU

CB.VU is a free and straightforward FreeBSD 7.1 emulator with which you can practise Linux commands in your browser. I call it straightforward because it doesn’t feature any customization options nor does it allow you to upload files or save data.

It is just you, the browser, and the commands. If you’re ever lost you can summon the man page via the “help” command.

Online Linux Distribution

Have you got more online Linux terminals that we can add to our list? Comment and mention them in the discussion section below.

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