Chronobreak – An Open-Source Pomodoro Timer Alternative

Fitting in too many tasks within a short space of time could be daunting, but productivity timers make things a lot easier. These timers ensure users are focused by breaking up their tasks into scalable bits and fitting in resting periods at pre-determined intervals.

We have written on such apps before including Gnome Pomodoro  and Take a Break . So today, we bring you yet another and it goes by the name of Chronobreak.

Chronobreak is new and is geared towards making timing tasks easier and more productive for its users. It is an open-source productivity timer created using Electron, and it uses the Pomodoro technique – a technique that allows users break down their tasks into time intervals so that they can take breaks in-between.

Chronobreak is designed for both Windows and Linux Operating Systems with an interface that is sleek, easy to get up and running with, and user-friendly. The app is simple but highly functional and interactive.

You can set timers by clicking and dragging the numbers to the time intervals of your choice. This way, you can customize each session, creating and establishing prompts.

Chronobreak Timer App

Features in Chronobreak

  • Freeware: Chronobreak can be downloaded off the internet without any monetary charge.
  • Open-source: Users have free access to its source code on Github .
  • Operating Systems: Currently, Chronobreak is available for Linux and Windows.
  • A minimalist User Interface.
  • It has customizable timer prompts.
  • Option to display notifications when each session ends.
  • Option to activate ticking sound to keep track of time.
  • A focus option with which you can monitor your focus levels.
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To sum it up, Chronobreak is simple while being efficient at helping users keep track of their work time using the standard Pomodoro method.

Download Chronobreak for Linux

After downloading the .zip archive, unzip it and run the ‘Chronobreak’ shortcut.

Are you a fan of timer apps? What about the Pomodoro technique? Tell us what you think about such apps and feel free to drop your suggestions in the discussion section below.

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