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Xonsh – A Python-Powered Shell Language and Command Prompt

Xonsh (pronounced “Konk“,) is a cross-platform, Python-powered, Unix shell language and command prompt designed for the use of experts and novices alike. The Xonsh language is a Python 3.4+ superset and it features additional shell primitives that make it familiar to working from IPython and Bash. Xonsh is easily scriptable and it allows you to mix both

Wallapatta – A Beautiful Markdown Editor with Layout Support

If you have been following our posts then it must be clear to you by now that there is no shortage of note-taking apps in the open-source community and the note-taking app category includes Markdown editors. We have written about a couple already and today, it is with pleasure that we introduce to you such

Copyu – A Text Editor-Like Weekly Planner

Copyu is a free, cross-platform, and open-source productivity app for planning all your weekly tasks using a sizeable app window. Copyu is as simple as a To-Do app can be and it is easy to set up and get straight to using. It combines your calendar app with a todo list and you are to make entries

Okular – A Universal Cross-Platform Document Viewer

If there is one thing the open source community is not short of it is document viewers. We have published articles on a couple of them in the past not excluding Buka , Bookworm , and Easy Ebook Viewer . Today, we introduce to you another document viewer you can use to read ePub ebooks

Chronobreak – An Open-Source Pomodoro Timer Alternative

Fitting in too many tasks within a short space of time could be daunting, but productivity timers make things a lot easier. These timers ensure users are focused by breaking up their tasks into scalable bits and fitting in resting periods at pre-determined intervals. We have written on such apps before including Gnome Pomodoro  and

Autobeat – One App for SoundCloud, YouTube, and Local Music

Autobeat is an Electron-based music player that combines YouTube, SoundCloud, and tracks from your local music library into a simple user Interface. Like many apps that combine multiple services into a single app e.g. Rambox and Manageyum , Autobeat eliminates the need to chase (in this case,) music across multiple services because it houses the most popular

10 Reasons to Buy Google Pixelbook Over a MacBook

With a touchscreen display, cornered Gorilla glass, backlit keyboard, 4 in 1 design that enables a more convenient use, 7th Gen Intel Core processor, fast charging battery that lasts 10 hours, and a premium aluminium build, the  Google Pixelbook is the slickest and thinnest Chromebook yet. Just recently, I had the opportunity to purchase either

10 Reasons Why Your Business Is Better Off With A Linux Server

When choosing a server for your business several considerations come into play especially cost and security. But the most important consideration of all, at least in my opinion, is your business. You should always bear in mind that there is no point cutting corners on getting a server when your business depends on it. Read

5 Best Low Budget Linux Laptops and Computers to Buy Today

Linux Operating Systems are undoubtedly the best choice of OS to run on old hardware while maintaining an efficient-enough workflow and productivity rank – look at the Raspberry Pi , for example. If you’re reading this article then you probably already know that if your budget is relatively low to purchase a high-end Windows or

ANGRYsearch – A Fast File Search Tool for Linux Desktops

It wasn’t too long that we published an article about FSearch , a system stand-alone search utility tool for Linux. Today, we have another powerful app for you and it goes by the name of ANGRYsearch. Read Also: 6 Most Awesome Quick File Searching Tools for Linux Desktop ANGRYsearch is a free and open-source Linux